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I  Am Not Sick I don’t Need Help,  Xavier Amador, Anna-Lisa Johanson (2000). Vida Press, Peconic, NY.

Description: This book offers a sensitive presentation of a practical, clinically sound, approach to getting a severely ill person to accept needed treatment.  The focus throughout is on building mutual understanding and trust so involuntary treatment can be avoided if possible.  Dr. Xavier Amador and Anna-Lisa Johanson tackle this challenge by drawing on their own painful personal experience.

Book Review:  Eddie M. writes- If you a have a loved one who is afflicted with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, this book is a must read.  Although, the book was originally intended to help family members convince their loved ones with anosognosia (lack of insight about their illness) to stay on their medications, it is much more than that.  The book lays out a complete framework on how to maintain a positive and trusting relationship with your loved one.  The book is not a one afternoon read.  It teaches a skill set that must be learned and practiced over a period of weeks and months.  It teaches how to avoid the missteps that often occurs with family members which results in so much pain and heartache.  In trying to help our loved ones, often times our intuitive impulses actually lead us in the wrong direction and makes things worse.  This book corrects that and guides us to take a smarter, more effective path.  Once the skills in this book are mastered and put into place, I can promise you, your life will be transformed for the better in dealing with your love one.

A Life Worth Waiting For: Messages From A Survivor,  Dwight Lee Wolter (1989). CompCare Publishers, Minneapolis, MN.

Description: Although this book was written for Adult Children of Alcoholics and other dysfunctional families, the author masterfully uses poetry and short stories to share his personal experiences and his recovery journey.

Book Review: Pending

Anatomy of an Illness: As Perceived by the Patient, Norman Cousins (1981). Bantam Books, New York, NY. Order online via

Description: This best selling book provides the story of how a physician and patient partnered to successfully fight   a crippling disease.  The author speaks of his personal experiences of recovery using laughter, his body’s natural healing resources and his mind.

Book Review: Pending

Coping with Voices: Self Help Strategies for People Who Hear Voices that are Distressing, Deegan, Patricia & Carolyn Affa (illustrator); National Empowerment Center. Order online

Description: The purpose of this self-help guide is to help you learn specific techniques that may enable you to gain control over or eliminate voices that you find distressing.

Book Review: Pending

Dante’s Cure, Dorman, Daniel MD (2004).  Other Press: New York, NY.  Visit the National Empowerment Center website to Order online.

Description: Catherine Penney, labeled with Schizophrenia in her teens, spent three years in a catatonic state at a psychiatric hospital.  Dante’s Cure tells the moving true story of Catherine’s courageous journey, written by the   doctor who treated her without using psychotropic drugs.

Book Review: Pending

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