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NAMIWalks Your Way

What is NAMIWalks Your Way?

Health concerns over exposure to COVID-19 have led NAMI to recommend that NAMI State Offices not hold their traditional, centralized 5k NAMIWalks this year. NAMI Georgia is following this recommendation, cancelling its three large, in-person events (NAMIWalks Georgia, in Atlanta; NAMIWalks Southwest Georgia, in Albany; and NAMIWalks North Georgia, in Gainesville).
But we still need to raise money, right?

Yes! While NAMIWalks provides a portion of the state office budget, it provides nearly ALL of most affiliates’ budgets annually. Education meetings, NAMI programming, training travel, and general affiliate operations all rely on money raised through the Walk.  And these funds are more important now than ever!

And we still need to celebrate mental health awareness in our communities, right?
Yes! We are doing an amazing job and getting better every year! There is much to be proud of, and we want to shout it from the rooftops!

Enter NAMIWalks Your Way…
Affiliate Leaders and the NAMIWalks Team Leaders are encouraged to host an event of some type in/for their community. As you will see below, this can look many different way… the options are endless!
Ways to Participate
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  • Saturday, October 3rd – Suggested NAMIWalks Your Way Event Day*

*While no team is required to hold an event on October 3rd, it is the recommended date in order to allow get pictures and videos of your local events to NAMI Georgia, which will share them all day on October 10th. Events can be held any date before the 10th, including on that day.

  • Saturday, October 10th – World Mental Health Day and 2020 NAMIWalksYourWay Celebration
  • Wednesday, December 9th – Final day to submit donations for the 2020 event

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